Tungsten Copper Tail Vane


Tungsten copper tail vane has high density and excellent ablation resistance, usually set in the tail of air craft for direction controlling and braking.


1. Control the heading of aircraft and small-angle turning;
2. Adjust horizontal mobility and vertical lifting capability;
3. Complete large-angle turning by the centrifugal force generated by aileron;
4. Provide the stability, keep the lateral and longitudinal balance.


1. Cross-shaped: Four rudder cross-section layout-left and right have horizontal arrangement of control surfaces, each with a vertically arranged on the lower surface of the rudder. It is suitable for ice-submarine activity, because the above cross-shaped arrangement of the vertical rudder control surface in a small area when ice-breaking force, and vertical ice, able to withstand greater force than X-shaped when ice breaking. most of the Soviet submarine activity in the Arctic, so many Soviet submarines selected cross-shaped design of the vane;
2. X-shaped: X-shaped layout, longitudinal and transverse size is relatively small, usually no more than the size of the diameter of the submarine. Compared with cross-shaped tail vane, it is safer and not easily broken when going ashore.

tungsten copper tail vane photo   tungsten copper tail vane picture

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