Tungsten Copper Wire

Tungsten copper alloy is a kind of psudoalloy, which consists of the hard phase W and the binder phase Cu two immiscible metals, so it only can be fabricated by PM (Powder Metallurgy). Tungsten copper material has both advantages of tungsten and copper, the high density, high melting point, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance of W; the excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good plasticity of Cu; and at a temperature above the melting point of copper alloy of copper liquefied evaporated to absorb a lot of heat, reducing the surface temperature. So tungsten copper material is also known as heat sink materials.

According to the shapes and applications, tungsten copper products can be specifically divided into tungsten copper rod, tungsten copper block, tungsten copper plate, tungsten copper contact, tungsten copper tube, tungsten copper electrode, tungsten copper heat sink, tungsten copper wire and so on. In the early 1960s, tungsten copper wire and tungsten copper electrode has been used in EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and resistance welding because of its high density, high strength, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and arc ablation resistance. So far, with the developments of relevant technologies and further study of researchers, tungsten copper begin to use in plasma electrode material processing, precision machining, spraying, LED and other electrode fields. But since the special PM structure of tungsten copper, it has been greatly limited used in wire. In order to improve the uniformity, mechanical properties and production cost, it needs to looking for new technologies and processes.

Used in EDM electrodes of tungsten copper wires are supposed to meet the following requirements:
1. On the basis of excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it also has good resistance to spark erosion;
2. Good structure uniformity and density, in order to ensure the stability of the electrical processing and improve the utilization of electrode material;
3. It has lower machining consumption and dose not affects the quality and the overall efficiency;
4. Easy for molding, machining molds and products according to design requirements to provide a correspondingly shaped profile tungsten copper electrode bars or complex shapes.

tungsten copper wire  tungsten copper wire

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