Tungsten Copper Rod Flexural Strength


Tungsten copper rod flexural strength refers to the resistance to bending without broken. It usually uses three-point or four-point test for evaluation.


1. Mechanical properties: The performance of the material by external force;
2. Stress: The reaction material inside to external force. The magnitude of the stress by the following equation: stress (δ) = Effect (F) / unit area of material (A), in units of Pa;
3. Strain: The deformation of material caused by external force. Strain magnitude represented by the following equation: strain (ε) = length change (△L) / initial length (L);
4. Tensile stress, compressive stress, shearing stress.


Flexural strength (GB / T 6569-86), or ISO 14704-2000 test.
Flexural strength test is divided into three-point bending and four-point bending. Each point should be measured 5 times at least (10 in standard) and obtain the average. Flexural strength test conducted on universal testing machine. Used as test strip for the 3 × 4 × 35 (mm * mm * mm). Three-point bending measurement has span of 30mm, loading rate of 0.5mm / min. Three-point bending of the formula R = (3F * L) / (2b * h * h):
F- breaking load;
L- span;
b- width;
h- thickness.

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