Tungsten Copper Military Weight


Tungsten copper military weight manufactured by PM (Powder Metallurgy) and infiltration, which has uniform structure, high density and perfect wear and corrosion resistance. So it can be widely used in balance hammer, pendulum, drilling rods, as well as special requirement for shock resistance.


1. High density, uniform organization, can maintain the stability of the fuselage and provide controllability;
2. High hardness and tensile strength: can be used for limited space, such as racing, ships and so on;
3. Easy to process molding: The addition of copper can remarkably improve the poor plasticity of tungsten.

tungsten copper military weight photo   tungsten copper military weight picture


Tungsten copper weight has been widely used in mechanical balance hammer, fly hammer; oil drilling bar, pendulum, anti-shock Arbor, counterweight ball, oscillator, gyroscopes used in aerospace, heavy parts for aircraft.
Used for aerospace: It needs high density and good mechanical strength, so tungsten copper has greatly decreased the size of component, which is beneficial for controlling weight distribution and improving the sensitivity;
Used for ship: Tungsten copper weight provides the sailboat with the lateral force against the sailing;
Used in military: General ratio of WCu90-93, with higher mechanical properties, smaller size tolerances, can improve the strength and heat treatment resistance performance is very high.

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