75W25Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

75W25Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Properties


Fine-grained 75W25Cu And Coarse-grained Tungsten Copper Alloy Contrast

75W25Cu tungsten copper alloy grain

Can be seen from the above figure, W powder particle size is larger grain size large W, W particle dispersion is lowered, the connection is weakened, there is a small part of the Cu-rich phase; when W W alloy powder particle size of the fine crystal particle size is smaller, Cu phase distribution more uniform.

75W25Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Electrical Breakdown Test Results


Withstand Boltage Strength (V/m)

Chopping (A)

Arcing Time (ms)









From the results in the table above, the breakdown voltage 75W25Cu fine grain tungsten copper alloy is higher than the coarse-grained 75W25Cu tungsten copper alloy, because the internal electric field 75W25Cu tungsten-copper alloy in the breakdown plays a very important role. 75W25Cu tungsten copper alloy Cu, W due to different Fermi level shift occurs at the interface electronics generate contact potential, so as to form an internal electric field in the phase interface. That is, the formation of the electric field associated with the interface of the two metals electron transfer, and finally to the interface electronics to form a new dynamic equilibrium at the interface of the original electronic changes, based on the principle of vacuum electrode wear occurs, the impact of changes in the electronic structure electrode metal surface wear strength.

When the particle size becomes smaller, 75W25Cu breakdown voltage tungsten-copper alloy is significantly larger, indicating that the process of the role of electrode wear different sizes within the field of powder prepared 75W25Cu W tungsten-copper alloys are different. Since the work function of Cu is less than W, and therefore Cu, W particles after contact at the interface Cu particles lose electrons, positive charge, W particles are electrons, a negative charge, the direction of the electric field phase of Cu particles Particles point W. 75W25Cu coarse grain tungsten-copper alloy powder larger size W, W grain size is large, W particle dispersion is reduced, the connection is weakened, and therefore less grain boundaries, the proportion is very small, so that the electric vacuum breakdown phase the impact of its action in the field is not large, or even ignored, so the electric vacuum breakdown occurs selectively on the Cu phase. Fine grain 75W25Cu tungsten copper alloy powder particle size decreases W, W grain size becomes smaller, Cu phase distribution is more uniform, thus significantly increasing the phase boundary, the proportion increased so that the electric field within the vacuum phase electrical breakdown of its impact on the enhanced role.

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