What Is Tungsten Copper Plate

What Is Tungsten Copper Plate

Tungsten copper plate is a composite of tungsten and copper. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the composite can be designed by controlling the content of tungsten, matching that of the materials, such as Ceramics (Al2O3, BeO), Semiconductors (Si), Metals (Kovar), etc. The products are widely application in the fields such as radio frequency, microwave, high power diode packaging and optical communication system.

Tungsten Copper Plate Introduction

1, Main grades: CuW50, CuW55, CuW60, CuW65, CuW70, CuW85
2, Length: 5mm-200mm
3, Width: 5mm-200mm
4, Thickness: 0.1mm-15mm
5, Semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) products available

It owns not only the low expansion of tungsten and high heat conductivity of copper. Its expansion index and heat conductivity can also be changed through changing the content of the materials, which provides convenience to the using of the material. We can supply various specifications and the tungsten copper plate with different tungsten proportions.

tungsten copper plate picturetungsten copper plate picturetungsten copper plate picture

Tungsten Copper Plate Application

Our tungsten copper plates are widely used in many industrial areas such as aerospace, power, electronic, metallurgy, and mechanical to make:
1. Cooling device in electronic equipment
2. Electrodes in Resistance welding machine
3. Arcing contacts and vacuum contacts in high and medium voltage breakers or vacuum interrupters
4. Heat sinks as passive cooling elements of electronic devices and Electronic packaging materials
5. The components of the pushing device in spacecrafts.

Tungsten Copper Plate Features

1. The composition of tungsten and copper are well-proportioned and accurate percentage;
2. Tungsten copper plates are precisely machined with high thermo stability, high arc resistance and high strength;
3. Tungsten copper plate has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity;
4. It owns both excellent properties of tungsten's low expansion and copper's high heat conductivity;
5. Tungsten copper plates comply with China GH 8320-87 and SJ-20848-2002UQB standard.

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