Tungsten Copper Alloy Patent

Manufacturing Method Of Tungsten-Copper Nano Composite Powder And Manufacturing Method Of Tungsten-Copper Composite Product Using The Same - Patent KR20100129560A

A manufacturing method of tungsten-copper nano-composite powder and a manufacturing method of tungsten-copper composite using the method are provided to obtain tungsten-copper nano-composite powder having uniform particle size distribution as nano size. CONSTITUTION: A manufacturing method of tungsten-copper nano-composite powder comprises the following steps: pulverizing after putting tungsten oxide powder and copper oxide powder into a wet ball miller.

Production Of Copper-Tungsten Alloy - Patent JP06026244

To produce a copper-tungsten alloy of high quality by subjecting a powder mixture of copper and tungsten, prepared under specific conditions, to compacting and sintering. CONSTITUTION: A powder mixture of copper oxide and tungsten is prepared by mixing copper oxide powder and tungsten powder. As the copper powder, CuO powder is preferred. It is preferable to add, as sintering ald, a trace amount of different kind of metal, such as Co, Ni, and Fe, to the tungsten powder by 0.4wt.%.

Manufacturing Method Of Tungsten-Copper Alloy Part - Patent KR20060055793A

A tungsten-copper alloy part manufacturing method which minimizes residual pores existing in the alloy, obtains a very homogeneous structure of tungsten and copper, and improves thermal conductivity, ductility, tensile strength and fatigue strength by applying a tungsten-copper composite powder coated with fine tungsten particles to a powder injection process, thereby manufacturing a tungsten-copper alloy, and a heat sink, an electrode for discharge, an electric contact, and a liner for shaped charge warhead.

Alloy Of Tungsten (W) And Copper (Cu) Having Functionally Graded Material (Fgm) Layers, Metal Material Having The Same And Manufacturing Method For Alloy Of W And Cu – Patent WO2011KR01471

Disclosed are a tungsten-copper alloy, a metal material having the same and a fabrication method for the tungsten-copper alloy, the fabrication method including generating tungsten-copper composite powders such that tungsten is coated on copper powders and the composition ratios of copper and tungsten are different, sequentially laminating the tungsten-copper composite powders to create a plurality of layers, having sequentially increasing or decreasing contents of tungsten, and sintering the plurality of layers under..

Method For Net-Shaping Tungsten-Copper Composite Material Using Tungsten Powder Coated With Copper – Patent KR20000085718A

A method for net-shaping a heat spreader for semiconductors and a housing part for optical modules without machining process is provided which is economical since it is not necessary to use composite oxides as raw material powder, or to use a separate hydrogen reduction step so as to obtain metallic composite powder. CONSTITUTION: The method for net-shaping a tungsten-copper composite material using tungsten powder coated with copper comprises the steps of electrodes plating the surface of tungsten powder products.

Copper-Tungsten Alloy And Its Production – Patent JP07026320

To produce a homogeneous copper-tungsten alloy having high density and excellent in thermal conductivity and deflectivity by adding specific amounts of phosphorus to the prescribed amounts of copper and tungsten powders at the time of producing a copper-tungsten alloy by a powder mixing method. CONSTITUTION: This copper-tungsten alloy is an alloy having a composition consisting of, by weight ratio, 5-30% copper, 0.002-0.04% phosphorus, and the balance tungsten.

Tungsten-Copper Composite Powder – Patent EP0774315

A high performance W-Cu composite powder is provided which is composed of individual particles having a tungsten phase and a copper phase wherein the tungsten phase substantially encapsulates the copper phase. The tungsten-coated copper composite powder may be pressed and sintered into W-Cu pseudoalloy articles having a homogeneous distribution of W and Cu phases without experiencing copper bleedout or it may be used in ceramic metallization for the electronics industry.

Production Of Copper-Tungsten Alloy - Japanese Patent JPH07216477

A powder mixture of copper oxide and tungsten is prepared by mixing copper oxide powder and tungsten powder. As the copper powder, CuO powder is preferred. It is preferable to add, as sintering ald, a trace amount of different kind of metal, such as Co, Ni, and Fe, to the tungsten powder by 0.4wt.%. By reducing the powder mixture of copper oxide and tungsten in a reducing atmosphere at 100-300°C, a powder mixture of copper an tungsten is formed. This copper-tungsten powder is compacted into prescribed shape and sintered, by which a sintered compact of copper-tungsten alloy is obtained. By this method, the copper-tungsten alloy can be produced without using the infiltration method requiring a complicated infiltration stage.

Tungsten-Copper Welding Tip - United States Patent 20080061050

An arc-welding contact tip to be provided to a welding torch for establishing an electric connection with a consumable electrode fed to a welding zone through the contact tip during welding operations is disclosed. The contact tip includes a housing to be secured to the welding torch and defining an elongated interior passage through which the consumable electrode is to be fed to the welding zone while the welding operations are being performed. At least a portion of a peripheral surface defining the interior passage is provided with an electrically conductive metal alloy comprising copper and tungsten. Further, the metal alloy includes about 50% by weight to about 90% by weight tungsten.

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