Tungsten Copper Rod Melting Point


Tungsten copper rod melting point is the balance that tungsten copper rod in solid state and liquid state chemical potential. In other words, it is the temperature solid state converts into liquid phase, which usually represented by Tm.


However, tungsten copper melting point is not constant, there are two factors have a great effect on melting point. The one is pressure: the melting process is also the volume expanding process, when the pressure increases, the melting point also increases; for substances such as water different from tungsten copper, the process of ice melted water volume to be reduced, when the pressure is increased to lower the melting point of ice. The other is the impurity, the melting point of tungsten copper usually refers to pure tungsten copper. But most of tungsten copper products contain some impurities, even few of them will have a great effect on tungsten copper melting point.


For the same kind of crystal, the melting point is related with the pressure, generally taken at 1 atm melting point of the material is normal melting point. Under certain pressure, the melting point and freezing point crystalline material are the same. The substance with volume expansion in dissolving process, its melting point will increase when the pressure increase. Measurements of tungsten copper products include capillary method and micro melting point method. Due to high hardness, high density and high-temperature strength and other advantages of W, tungsten copper rod melting point is relatively higher than other rod materials.

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