Tungsten Copper Connecting Part


Tungsten copper connecting part are quite a few in pipeline and it connect the vulnerable part by embedding or welding for improving the performance. In addition, there are some types of tungsten copper connecting parts, such as tungsten copper rivets, tungsten copper bolts, tungsten copper welding bar and so on.


1. Shape-locking: The formation of a mutual clamping action by the shape of the connecting part or the additional connecting part creates force on the engaging surface which impedes the relative movement between the connecting parts;
2. Friction-locking: Two or more are pressed by the connecting parts, the positive pressure is generated on the joint surface, and when the relative motion between the connecting parts tends to move, frictional force or a frictional torque is generated on the coupling surface to impede the relative movement between the connecting parts;
3. Material-locking: Connect the molecular binding force between materials and connected part, such as welding, cementing.


1. Rivets: A cylindrical short bar having a semicircular stud at one end, penetrating into each of the steel plates or stud holes to be joined, and pressing the extended end into or hammering into a second stud. And it can be divided into four types of semi-round head, high head, buried, semi-buried;
2. Bolts: Usually cylindrical rod, one end of a square or hexagonal head, the other end of the thread, with nuts and washers, steel or steel wood components can be fastened together, which can be divided into two kinds of crude and refined bolts;
3. Welding bar: It melts and fills in the welding joint, which coated by oxidation resistance of welding flux. We can choose the types of welding bar according to the mechanical property, chemical composition and the requirements of welding seam.

tungsten copper heat sink picturetungsten copper heat sink picture

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