Tungsten Copper Contact for Magnetic Blow Breaker


Tungsten copper contact for magnetic blow breaker uses the role of magnetic field to extinguish arc. Magnetic field is usually generated by the breaking current itself, the arc is a magnetic field into the arc chute slit, and make it elongated, cooling, until disappear finally.


Tungsten copper contact for magnetic blow breaker uses atmosphere as a medium, with heat-resistant ceramic or mica glass for the arc, the electrical life is long, can adapt to the frequent operation of the occasion. In the breaking process, the arc resistance increases rapidly, can improve the power factor; resulting in the smallest over-voltage, excellent breaking characteristics. Magnetic blow circuit breaker has safe operation and easy maintenance, but compared with other circuit breakers, its structure is complex, bulky, high cost, generally only apply to 20 kV voltage level.


According to the principle of magnetic blowing, it can be divided into electromagnetic and arc solenoid contacts.
Electromagnetic type: Use the breaking current runs through the magnetic coil and produce blowing magnetic field to extinguish arc. This structure needs to be specially set magnet coil and magnetic pole plate and other components, the structure is more complex and bulky, breaking performance is poor, in the early magnetic blow circuit breaker has been widely used;
Arc solenoid type: Appeared in the 1960s, the principle is the use of insulated arc extinguishing plate and a small arc angle (mounted on the lower end of the arc-shaped pieces of U-shaped steel) arc division to form a continuous coil arc and generate strong magnetic field, the rapid movement of the slit in the slit until extinguished.

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