Tungsten Copper Military Contact Tip


Tungsten copper military contact tip is common consumables in military welding, which located in the tail of welding device to conduct the welding wire. It has many advantages, such as stable quality, no arc and less smoke.

tungsten copper military contact tips photo   tungsten copper military contact tips picture


1. The central portion of the contact tip hardness and wear resistance is enhanced;
2. High conductivity enables rapid transfer of high temperatures generated by welding;
3. Long service life (3-5 times longer than common copper alloys) and reduce the production costs;
4. Stable quality, reduce unplanned downtime, and improve working efficiency;
5. High concentricity and finish to meet the stringent requirements of the military field.


In the field of military high temperature soldering, since the current use of large electric field strength of the arc is relatively high, so the contact tips materials that require more than just good thermal conductivity properties, but also the need for better hardness, strength, resistance to arc erosion. Copper or chromium zirconium copper contact tip, the wear resistance is poor and also during welding splashes and prone adhesion phenomena tip blockage or contact tip and the wire bonding occurs, leading to failure of contact tip. In some important occasions, the easy wear, frequent replacement of contact tips will have an effect on welding quality and reduce the overall productivity. Tungsten copper military contact tips maintain the excellent performance under high current environment, great anti-arc erosion and long service life.

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