Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Preparation

Tungsten copper heat sink materials are metal-based MMC electronic packaging materials, because it has good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient and good microwave shielding, high strength, etc., and by adjusting the composition of the copper content of the different requirements available thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, and therefore tungsten copper sheet for electronic packaging materials have been favored by Western countries, a large number being used in the microwave tubes, power modules and integrated circuit chips.

Foreign RMGermam University of Pennsylvania professor of tungsten copper electronic packaging materials turned into a dense systematically studied were high temperature liquid phase sintering method, chemical activation of liquid phase sintering method, powder injection molding and preparation infiltration method of combining the tungsten copper electronic packaging materials, the best result is material powder injection molding and dip combination of melting method, mainly craftsmen first powder injection molding blanks calcined at 900 ℃ for 1 hour and then at 1500 ℃ melting dip from 90 to 120 minutes, The performance parameters are as follows:

Powder Injection Molding Prepared Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Material


Relative Density(%T.D)


Breaking Strength(Mpa)













Tungsten Copper Heat Sink High Temperature Liquid Phase Sintering

Due to the melting point of tungsten and copper vary greatly, can be used for preparing high-temperature liquid-phase sintering tungsten copper electronic packaging materials, high temperature liquid phase sintering densification. Which is characterized by the production process is simple and easy to control. But requires a high sintering temperature, sintering time is very long, higher sintering costs; poor sintering and performance, especially for low sintered density, only 90 to 95% of theoretical density, can not meet the requirements. At present, ultra-fine powder instead of someone alone coarse tungsten powder, to improve its sintering performance, increase the relative density of tungsten copper electronic packaging materials, can reach more than 98%. But the high price of ultra-fine tungsten powder sintering shrinkage rate increase, it is difficult to control the size of the parts.

Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Activation Strengthen Liquid Phase Sintering Method

Since the high-temperature liquid-phase sintering can not be obtained near the theoretical density of tungsten copper electronic packaging sheet material, after sintering if the auxiliary handle, not only make the process complex and costly. People Inspiration activation theory of pure solid state sintering of tungsten, adding trace elements in the preparation of activated tungsten copper material to improve the sintering effect can be obtained by liquid phase sintering of tungsten copper close to the theoretical density electronic packaging materials. Compared with the high-temperature liquid-phase sintering method, which not only reduces the sintering temperature and shortening the sintering time and the sintering density is greatly increased. However, activation of liquid phase sintering method to obtain the desired relative density, hardness, tensile strength, such as sintering performance good, but unfortunately, the impact of adding activator with high conductivity copper electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity significantly reduces the composite , conductivity, thermal conductivity which is high demand for electronic packaging sheet material is unfavorable, the material prepared by this method can only be applied with the guide to provoke less demanding areas.

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