Tungsten Copper for Contact Metal

Tungsten Copper for Contact Metal

Contact material, also known as electrical contact materials, electrical contact materials used in switches, relays, and electrical connections.
In order to improve the contact reliability of the work, the basic requirement of the contact material is: (1) contact material conductivity and thermal conductivity to be high, in order to reduce the heat loss of the contacts when the current, reducing oxidation of the contact surface; ② the melting temperature of the contact material with high boiling point, high latent heat of melting and evaporation, in order to reduce the amount of wear of the contacts, and the role of the arc or spark easy to make contact occurs welding; ③ contact material on the chemical properties of the surrounding environment to be stable contacts affected by environmental pollution, changes in the contact resistance is small, the contact resistance stable; ④ The contact material should be appropriate to the hardness and elasticity, the hardness is too large, the area of ​​contact is small, the greater elasticity of the material of the contacts are closed, wear increased due to contact bounce; the ⑤ contact material is easy to process and welding; ⑥ contact material prices lower.

Strong electrical contact material, important requirements: ① low contact resistance and to prevent overheating rated current; ② electrical wear rate and mechanical wear rate, and have a long life; ③ anti-welding properties smooth break the circuit; ④ residual current interrupter ability, quickly breaking current interrupter, but does not cause resignation or continuous current under fault conditions.

Of the weak contact material requirements: ① low and stable contact resistance and a small electrical wear rate, a longer service life; (2) having a higher minimum arc starting voltage and the minimum arcing current, so that the contact as possible in no arc operation; ③ The contact closure force is small, so the mechanical wear is not important issues.

DC contact, it is required in the DC operating conditions, from the contact of the one party to the other side of the material transferred to small. Electrical contact material, this is the most important class of electrical materials; tungsten copper alloy has a high resistance to arc erosion performance and anti-welding properties for a variety of high-and low-voltage electrical switches and meters as electrical contacts, electrical contacts and electrodes. Electrical contact is tungsten copper materials applications largest class, especially the copper content in the maximum of 20% to 40% tungsten copper materials application amount, mainly used as high-voltage and current switching appliances such as the output of the grid protection of the circuit breaker contacts and the other contacts, the contacts. Containing 15% ~ 20% Cu tungsten copper contacts available in the circuit breaker on the voltage up to 500 000 V or higher.

Tungsten Copper for Contact Metal Properties


Coefficient thermal expansion

Thermal conductivity

Heat capacity

Elastic modulus

Poisson density

Melting point



4. 5 10-6/℃

174 w/(m·k)

136 J/(kg·℃)

411 GPa



550 MPa


16. 6 10-6/℃

403 w/(m·k)

385 J/(kg·℃)

145 GPa



120 MPa

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