W-Cu/AlN Composite Material Manufacturing

Although the mechanical properties of tungsten-copper composite can be greatly improved by the addition of ceramic particles, High relative content of the reinforcement phase, especially the agglomeration of the nano scale enhancement phase, will lead to a decrease in the relative density of the material. AlN particle has high thermal conductivity (200W/m•K), is close to BeO and SiC and 5 times higher than Al2O3, low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity), excellent mechanical properties and electrical properties, which can control the properties of W-Cu/AlN composite material by different content.

WCu nano crystalline powder was prepared by mechanical alloying method, which mixed with nano AlN particles after ball milling for 40 h. Then put in ball mill for powder mixing 10h in argon atmosphere. The obtained powder was placed in an inert graphite mold and placed in a vacuum sintering furnace with a vacuum degree of 1 10-4 Pa, sintered at 1050 ° C and 25 MPa for 90 min. Finally, the density, thermal conductivity, resistivity, hardness, bending strength and microstructure of W-Cu / AlN composites were measured and observed after hot pressing sintering, which can further study the effect of addition of AlN powder on WCu composite material properties.

tungsten copper product picturetungsten copper product picture

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