Tungsten Copper Military Rod


Tungsten carbide military rod has high content of W, has high hardness, strength and excellent high temperature performance or arc erosion resistance, so it has been widely used in military high temperature materials study.

tungsten copper military rod photo   tungsten copper military rod picture


Grade Proportion(wt%) Mass Density(g/cm3) Relative Density(%T.D) CTE(ppm/K) Thermal Conductivity(W/m·K)
W90Cu 90±1 17.0 ≥99 5.6-6.5 180-190
W85Cu 85±1 16.3 ≥99 6.3-7.0 190-200
W80Cu 80±1 15.4 ≥99 7.6-9.1 200-220


Due to tungsten copper pseudo alloy characteristics, the most widely used processes include high-temperature liquid phase sintering, infiltration, activated liquid phase sintering, mechanical alloying and co-reduction.
High-temperature liquid phase sintering: tungsten and copper powder mixed in certain proportional (adding lubricant), formed, and at a temperature between the melting point of copper and tungsten were material sintering and densification;
Infiltration: Combined with powder metallurgy, fabricates porous W skeleton with certain density and strength by pressing and sintering. Then it takes advantage of copper in solution under the capillary forces to fill the gap and wet along the tungsten particle flow and porous tungsten skeleton;
Activated liquid phase sintering: In the liquid phase sintering process, extra add one or more trace elements have excellent performance to form intermediate or solid solution with W and Cu.

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