65W35Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

65W35Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

2、Density:13.3 g/cm3
3、Conductivity:44 IACS%
4、Hardness:>155 HB

65W35Cu Tungsten Copper Electrode EDM

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining, referred EDM), is a processing technology. It can be used to process difficult to cut materials, very hard materials (such as carbide), a variety of high-speed steel or diamond, ceramics. Tungsten line production and processing of tungsten copper electrode, chromium copper electrode, and silver tungsten electrode is widely used in mold and electrical discharge machining fields.

EDM Electrode Material Selection Principle
EDM electrode material is preferably high conductivity in order to obtain faster processing speed; and can effectively erosion metal and its loss as small as possible so that a continuous process to ensure accuracy. Easy-molding material can be processed to ensure appropriate discharge shape of the workpiece.

65W35Cu tungsten copper tungsten minimum diameter can be done online 0.5mm, and is suitable for pore spark discharge, for high hardness materials such as tungsten steel wear holes, tamper resistance than copper is several times higher. 65W35Cu small tungsten copper rod was focused R & D and production of EDM electrodes improve tungsten steel, carbide and other superhard materials, small holes drilling

65W35Cu tungsten copper alloy material is a high temperature burning of composite material consisting of tungsten and copper powder produced by high-temperature penetration, which has a high melting point, high specific heat, wear characteristics, good thermal and electrical The good conductivity. Also have the following advantages:
1. High hardness and low consumption can be reduced dot electrode length.
2. High conductivity, processing speed.
3. High hardness combined with high conductivity copper was unable to make the general discharge of tungsten carbon steel becomes smooth processing.
4. High tensile strength for machining complex shapes.
5. Discharge the same time maintaining the integrity of the shape of the copper workers, it molds high precision.
6. Homogeneous, small contact surface loss.
7. When high-speed operation, high stability.

This used to produce:
1. High-speed steel tungsten carbide dies discharge machining.
2. The porous discharge machining.
3. Discharge machining complex models.
4. Precision EDM.

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