Tungsten Copper Electrode Isostatic Pressing

Tungsten copper electrode isostatic pressing include CIP, sintering, infiltration, HIP and it can remarkably improve the properties of tungsten copper electrode. Copper content of more than 20% of the tungsten copper alloy due to higher copper content, the use of pre-mixed sintering infiltration process: the porous skeleton is obtained, and the copper content is further infiltrated to obtain the required copper content, and the tungsten-copper blank after infiltration is subjected to hot isostatic pressing treatment.

CIP (Cold Isostatic Pressing) has many advantages, such as:
1. It can manufacture large-size electrodes. Large size electrode molding needs large compressor and the blank is difficult to keep uniform. While this process can be suitable for various rods, tubes, plates under 200mm or other high-performance tungsten copper electrode with square, rectangular, triangular;
2. CIP has uniform force of each direction, so the density and strength of compact is higher than other processes;
3. It uses soft mold for processing, so it is beneficial for manufacturing irregular shape.

HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) can remove pores, defects and improve crystalline structure. Through the hot isostatic pressing of high temperature and high pressure, on the one hand tungsten copper billet in the loose, shrinkage and infiltration defects by the deformation of a closed a diffusion to be eliminated, on the other hand, to improve the internal organizational structure, so that in the processing state, To further improve performance, thereby obtaining high-density, high-performance processing of tungsten copper electrode material.

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