Tungsten Copper FGM Thermal Conductivity


Tungsten copper FGM thermal conductivity normally refers to the vertical temperature gradient down 1 ℃ / m, the heat through unit horizontal cross-sectional area per unit time, which is the important measure of FGM material and generally expressed by λ or K.

Influencing Factors

Tungsten copper FGM thermal affected by the pressure barely, and the main influencing factors include one is the density, the lower the density, the higher porosity, the thermal conductivity decreases; other is Cu forms ideal net structure in W matrix, which can provide good heat dissipation channel for the material and remarkably improve the thermal conductivity of tungsten copper composite material. y densification and microstructure analysis of tungsten copper FGM, it can be found that the densities of the three-layer and four-layer structure graded materials have reached a high level (198W / (m • K), 202W / (m • K) ), Are between the package layer and thermal layer thermal conductivity between the access to higher thermal conductivity.


The study of tungsten copper FGM thermal conductivity provides solid theoretical foundation for new thermal conductivity of materials and new insulation materials and research, which also gives a strong theoretical and material support for space exploration activities and marine exploration activities in the future. Due to high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties, it can perfectly solve the heat dissipation of electronics next few years.

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