Tungsten Copper Electrode for Arrester


Tungsten copper electrode for arrester is also called as surge protector electrode, which protects the devices by conducting and absorbing the energy of thunder.


1. Tube arrester: The principle is that the arc gap set in the arc tube and the gap separate the tube and the grid. It has a large impact flowing capacity, can be used in lightning current amplitude. But it has higher discharging voltage and dispersion and the action will produce cutting wave, so it mainly used in protecting substation, power plant and line insulation;
2. SiC arrester: Stacked in the sealed porcelain sleeve spark gap and silicon carbide valves (high voltage arrester products with multiple porcelain sets). According to the different structure can be divided into two types of ordinary valve and magnetic blow valve, widely used in AC and DC systems to protect power generation, substation equipment, insulation;
3. Metal oxide arrester: It has better performance than SiC arrester and takes place of it in AC, DC systems, protection of power generation, substation equipment, insulation. Especially is suitable for neutral point effectively grounded 110 kV and above power grid.


1. Nominal voltage Un: Equipment normal withstand voltage, AC or DC voltage RMS;
2. Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc: Can be permanently applied to the designated end of the protector without causing the protector characteristic change and activating the maximum voltage effective value of the protective element;
3. Nominal discharge current In: also known as the rated discharge current Isn, the protector to the application of the waveform for the 8 / 20μs standard lightning impact 10 times, the protector to withstand the maximum impact current peak;
4. Maximum discharge current Imax: Protector applied to the waveform for the 8 / 20μs standard lightning wave impact 1, the protector to withstand the maximum impact current peak;
5. Response time Ta: The main reaction in the protector of the special protective components of the action sensitivity, breakdown time, in a certain period of time depends on the change du / dt or di / dt slope.

tungsten copper lightning rod picturetungsten copper lightning rod picture

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