Tungsten Copper Plate Application

Advantages of tungsten copper alloy of copper and tungsten plate integrated, high strength / high specific gravity / high-temperature / low arc erosion / good thermal conductivity properties / processing performance, Tungsten copper alloy plate  made of high-quality tungsten powder and oxygen-free copper powder, application isostatic pressing - (high temperature sintering) - copper infiltration, to ensure product purity and accuracy ratio, fine organization and excellent performance. The Division of tungsten copper alloy tungsten copper alloy is the quality materials, very suitable for high hardness materials and thin electrical discharge machining, EDM product surface finish, high precision, low loss, effective conservation of the electrode material to increase the discharge machining speed and improved mold accuracy. Another useful as spot welding / Welding electrodes. Tungsten copper and tool steel welded into one, in very easy to use electrodes.

Tungsten copper alloy plate mainly used in:copper tungsten plate picture
1. Electrode materials: for high hardness materials and flake, electrical discharge machining, EDM product surface finish, high precision, low loss, effective conservation.
2. Contact Material: High pressure switch or circuit breaker arcing contacts and vacuum contacts, circuit board welding and electrical contact points.
3. Welding Material: submerged arc welding machine, gas shielded welding tip, radio resistor factory (production of carbon film resistors, metal coating resistance) Resistance Welder Welding materials (copper tungsten alloy welding disc).
The guide and guard materials: wire rod mill, for guiding the protective effect materials.

Tungsten copper alloy plate used for transient high-temperature materials
Tungsten copper alloy plate  material at high temperatures have broader uses, mainly used to make contact and the rocket nozzle throat insert, rudder and other high-temperature components of the anti-high-voltage electrical arc ablation switch is also used as electrode machining, high temperature mold and other requirements and high thermal conductivity properties using the occasion. And have a broader use in electrodes, mainly include: resistance welding electrodes EDM electrodes and high-voltage discharge electrodes and so on. Tungsten copper alloy plate  is also widely used in electric upsetting anvil block material, conductive Tsui automatic submerged arc welding, plasma cutting machine nozzles, welding, welding the welding head, seam welding wheels, electrodes and spark electrode gas sealing point d, spot welding, butt welding materials.

Tungsten copper alloy plate used in the aerospace field
Tungsten copper alloy is used as missiles in aerospace, the rocket engine nozzle, gas rudder, air rudder, the nose, the main requirement is to require high temperature (3000K ~ 5000K), high temperature air erosion capacity, the main use of copper at high temperatures sweating refrigeration volatile form of (copper melting point of 1083 ℃), reducing the surface temperature of tungsten copper, ensure that the use in extreme conditions at high temperatures.

Tungsten copper alloy plate material for the production of armor
Tungsten copper material can be used as armor material, namely a so-called "Liner" materials. Cover made of tungsten copper material (material commonly used W-30Cu) cup-shaped or funnel-shaped, flip to the front end of Jane's ammunition, gunpowder temperature and pressure by the cover is deformed into a jet and piercing. This Liner first used copper manufacturing, and a large number of applications. In order to increase the quality of the cover unit to improve armor capability, and later research unit mass is larger than the guillotine copper tungsten material liner, in the ideal case, it is higher than the capacity of copper armor cover about 30%.

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