Tungsten Copper Thermal Conductivity

Tungsten copper material is a composite of tungsten and copper, with both tungsten low expansion characteristics, but also has copper of high thermal conductivity properties, and the tungsten and copper in the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be adjusted with the W-Cu composition, also the composite can be machined to various shape, these features make the application of this composite with great convenience.

Tungsten Copper is composite materials using excellent metal characteristic of high-purity tungsten powder, and good plasticity, high conductivity of high purity copper powder, by refining process of isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering, and dissolved copper infiltration. Good broken arc performance, good thermal conductivity, little thermal expansion, does not soften at high temperature, high strength, high density, and high hardness.

tungsten copper plate picture tungsten copper plate picture tungsten copper plate picture

Tungsten copper alloy with powder metallurgy method of preparation, has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength and a certain plasticity. At very high temperatures, such as above 3000 ℃, the copper in alloy is liquefied and evaporated, absorbs heat, reduces the surface temperature. So this kind of material is also called metal sweating materials.

With its high heat thermal conductivity and low expansion rate, tungsten copper Alloy is the metal mostly used in heat sinks, which draw heat away from the more heat-sensitive elements inside electric devices. The thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be designed by adjusting the W-Cu composition to match those of the materials such as Ceramics, Semiconductors, Kovar alloy etc.

Tungsten Copper Material Advantages:
1. High thermal conductivity
2. Excellent hermetic
3. Excellent size control, surface finish and flatness

Tungsten copper materials are widely used in mechanical and electrical engineering. Typical application include high-, medium-, and low-voltage circuit breakers, resistance welding electrodes, electrode materials for electrical discharge machining, and heat sink materials for microelectronic packaging. More recently, tungsten copper composites have been tested as heat flux components in experimental fusion reactors and as materials in MHD powder generation systems

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