W50 Tungsten Copper Heat Sink

With the continuous reduction of the size of electronic components and the improvement of functional efficiency, the requirements for heat dissipation of electronic components have also increased. Excellent cooling system means higher cooling efficiency and smaller cooling space. Combining the low thermal expansion rate of tungsten and the high thermal conductivity of copper, tungsten copper alloys can effectively release heat from electronic devices, helping to reliably and efficiently release heat generated by electronic components.

tungsten copper heat sink photo tungsten copper block photo

Production process of tungsten copper

W50Cu50 alloy is a material composed of 50% tungsten and 50% copper, of which 50±2% copper, impurity is ≤0.5%, and tungsten is the balance. The melting points of tungsten and copper are very different, therefore, the material cannot be produced by traditional melting and casting methods. Instead, powder metallurgy + copper infiltration method is used. The specific process is: powder mixing - pressing - degreasing and copper infiltration - tungsten copper blank - machining.

Properties of W50 tungsten copper heat sink

Composition (%)


Density (g/cm3)


Hardness (HB)


Resistivity (μΩ·cm)


Conductivity (IACS/%)



coated with Ni and Au

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Thickness (mm)



W50Cu50 heat sink can be used in IGBT modules, RF power amplifiers, LED chips, etc. In addition, it can also be used as insulating metal substrates, thermal control boards, heat dissipation elements (heat dissipation materials), lead frames and high-power microwave devices in large-scale integrated circuits.

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