Tungsten Copper W80 Heat Sink


Tungsten copper W80 heat sink is composed of 80% W and 20% Cu so that high hardness and melting point characteristics of tungsten are more obvious. Its density is up to 15.15g/cm3, hardness reaches more than HB140, but due to less Cu, conductivity is decreasing to 34%IACS, softening temperature is ≥900℃,the bending strength is 980, the thermal conductivity is 190-210(wm/k) and the coefficient of expansion is 8.0-8.5(10-6K).


Common materials could not work at such high temperature (even more than 3000℃), tungsten copper takes advantage of Cu evaporating taking away heat so that the whole temperature will decrease. In addition, it should be noticed that adjust the parameters when tungsten copper discharging or wire cutting, and the speed is lower than other materials. To avoid contacting with strong acid and alkali before electroplating and it will cause the metal grain shedding.


1. PM (Powder Metallurgy): It uses fine tungsten and copper powder, through impregnation sintering process, can withstand nearly 2000 ℃ and high stress, with high melting point, high hardness, anti-burning and good anti-adhesion, high surface finish of corrosion products, high accuracy, low consumption;
2. MA (Mechanical Alloying): After high-energy ball milling and other processing and to achieve the mechanical alloying between tungsten and copper tungsten copper powder corresponding sintering method. On the one hand, it can reduce metal powder granularity and promote the densification; on the other hand, it can make metal powder have serious lattice distortion, high-density defects and nano structure, which provides off-balance state for thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of the powder system, such as Surface energy and surface activity, greater sintering driving force and better sintering performance.

tungsten copper heat sink picturetungsten copper heat sink picture

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