Tungsten Copper Military Shell


Tungsten copper military shell is also called as electrical packaging shell, which is encapsulation of semiconductor chip, integrates and provides mechanical support and protects electrical, thermal path. Besides, it can directly have an effect on electrical, thermal, optical and mechanical properties of the device.


Tungsten copper military shell material mainly includes ceramic shell, metal shell and ceramic-metal shell.
Ceramic shell: Small and medium-scale integrated circuit package (ceramic dual in-line housing, ceramic flat shell, ceramic pin grid array), large and ultra-large scale integrated circuit package (leadless chip carrier, leaded chip carrier, a ceramic flat sides of the lead shell, ceramics ball grid array housing, hermetic encapsulation shell shaped), discrete components package (surface mount type, cartridge type), hybrid circuit package (surface mount type, cartridge type), MEMS device package, a multilayer ceramic substrate ( MCM-C multilayer ceramic substrate, micro-assembly of the substrate);
Metal shell: Optoelectronic device packages (with light window type, with lens type with fiber type), discrete package (A, B type, C type), hybrid circuit package (flat type, cavity line type, flat type), special element package (matrix type, multi-layer multi-cavity type, non-magnetic material type);
Ceramic-metal shell: Discrete package (coaxial, strip line, surface mount type), microwave MMIC package device (carrier, ceramic, metal), hybrid circuit packages, optoelectronic device package (butterfly-shaped, dedicated structure).


With the tendency to multi-functional, high-performance, small size of military electronic equipment, tungsten copper military shell also improved to meet high-power requirement. In order to meet the development needs of microwave and millimeter wave devices and components, the development of low-temperature co-fired ceramic shell technology; In order to meet the development needs of high-power devices and circuits, the development of high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramic packaging technology and high thermal conductivity aluminum shell silicon carbide metal encapsulation shell technology; In order to meet the high-density circuits and components development, the development of fine pitch leaded four sides flat pack housing, high-density ball grid array package shell technology and 3D packaging technology; In order to meet the development needs of high integrated circuit and small modules, developed multi-core package system package and so on.

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