Tungsten Copper FGM Thermal Fatigue Resistance


Tungsten copper FGM thermal shock resistance is a kind of capability of resistance to fatigue failure by thermal stress cycling (thermal strain cycling) of gradient temperature.


Tungsten copper FGM thermal shock resistance caused by unstable temperature. The resulting expansion and contraction if constrained, in the internal parts will produce thermal stress (also known as temperature stress). Thermal stress changed with temperature so that the material appeared fatigue damage.

Influencing Factors

1. The more clearly temperature gradient and greater frequency is prone to thermal fatigue;
2. Combination with different CTE will be prone to thermal fatigue;
3. Coarse and uneven grain will be prone to thermal fatigue;
4. The second phase of the grain boundary distribution has a positive effect on the generation of thermal fatigue;
5. Poor plasticity will be prone to thermal fatigue;
6. Parts of the geometric structure of the metal expansion and contraction of the constraints of large, be prone to thermal fatigue.

tungsten copper part picture tungsten copper electrode picture

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