Tungsten Copper FGM Slurry Casting


Tungsten copper FGM slurry casting mixes raw material into slurry and injected into mold to be dried to continuously control the proportion of the slurry. It belongs to non-pressure forming process and originated in ceramic industry firstly until the 1940s has began used in the tungsten, molybdenum, carbide and cermets and other hard brittle powder forming. Now, it has been used in fiber-reinforced super-alloy such as tungsten-alloy fiber reinforced nickel-base super-alloy, jet engine components such as turbine blades and gas chamber components.


Tungsten copper FGM slurry casting process includes three steps of preparation of slurry and mold, pouring, injection of drying. The slurry consists of metal powder or fiber and mother liquor. The requirement of the slurry is a certain concentration (powder weight accounted for 40% to 70%); good wettability of powder and mother liquor and the surface of the particle does not adhere to the gas; slurry evenly suspended without sedimentation. Additives have a variety of ingredients, including binders, dispersants, suspending agents (stabilizers), degassing agents and titrants. Binder can be bonded powder, improve the strength of castings, commonly used sodium alginate, polyvinyl alcohol. Dispersants and suspending agents prevent particle aggregation and improve the wettability of the powder with the mother liquor to form a stable suspension.

Influencing Factors

The influencing factors of tungsten copper FGM slurry casting include metal powder characteristics (such as granularity, solid-liquid ratio, pH value, additives), heat treatment properties (the rate of drying of the injection mold in and after the mold, and the porosity of the mold). In order to get different types of castings, slurry casting with solid casting and hollow casting two processes. The former using the reservoir or other methods to replenish the slurry, so that the mold is completely filled with slurry to get solid injection; the latter is to control the standing time of the slurry, when the mold wall on the formation of the powder layer thickness is appropriate, the extra slurry poured out to obtain hollow injection.

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