Tungsten Copper Infiltration

Tungsten copper infiltration is to manufacture tungsten skeleton with density and strength, then filled in copper liquid under capillary force. And it can be divided into infiltrated Cu after high-temperature sintering skeleton and mix powder infiltration after low-temperature sintering.

The process of high-temperature W skeleton sintering:
Tungsten powder + 0.1%~1.5% binder → Mix → Pressing (400℃~800℃, low vacuum)→ Binder removal (1000℃, 1~2h) → Pre-sintering (1800℃~2000℃, H2, 1h) → High-temperature sintering (1300℃~1400℃, H2 or vacuum) → Infiltration.
This method can be made relative density> 99.2% of tungsten and copper materials. As a result of high temperature sintering, W reduction is sufficient, low melting point impurities and difficult to restore the low-cost oxides can be removed by volatilization and thermal decomposition. Tungsten copper material with low oxygen content, high purity, high temperature sintering method suitable for the manufacture of copper mass fraction φ (Cu) is not greater than 15% of the tungsten copper material. High-temperature sintering method using the material made of high relative density, good overall performance. But its production circle is long and complex, it difficult to be popularized .

Partial mixed powder sintering copper infiltration method:
Tungsten powder + 2%~6% copper powder + 0.5%~2.5% binder (such as nickel powder) → Mix → Pressing (1300℃~1400℃, H2 or vacuum)→ Sintering (1200℃~1350℃, H2 or vacuum) → Infiltration.
The method has the advantages of simple technological process and is suitable for producing tungsten and copper composite material with φ (Cu)> 20%. This method produces tungsten copper material, copper distribution along the tungsten grain boundaries, tungsten skeleton strength than high-temperature sintering method, such as this method as the contact material in the circuit breaker, easy to produce ablation.

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