Tungsten Copper for Instant High Temperature Material

Instant High Temperature Material

Instant high temperature material is important and special tungsten copper materials can be used near the tungsten melting point and a little more than the melting temperature of tungsten, the work of a very short time, a few seconds to 200 seconds to complete the mission, so called instantaneous high temperature materials. The type of materials used to manufacture the spacecraft's high temperature components, such as rocket nozzles, guided missile flight direction vane missile tip and other components. Anti-ablative and thermal shock resistance is the most important use of transient high-temperature materials performance, because the gas temperature of the solid fuel is generally up to 2700 ~ 3300 ℃, contains a lot of solid particles in the gas stream, the components of the nozzle vane severe erosion and ablative effect; these components are working in the rapid temperature rise of the conditions, and therefore the member to produce damaging effects of intense thermal shock. Ends when the aircraft to fly into space to re-enter the atmosphere, the speed has been intense friction particle cloud generated heat and erosion.

Tungsten Copper for Instant High Temperature Material

Tungsten copper alloy, the copper content of the alloys in common for 10% to 50%.System alloy powder metallurgy method has a good electrical and thermal conductivity, preferably of high-temperature strength and certain plasticity. At very high temperatures, such as more than 3000 ℃, a copper alloy is liquefied evaporation, a large number of absorbing heat, reducing the temperature of the material surface. Therefore, such material is also known as metal sweating. Wider use of tungsten copper alloy, is mainly used to manufacture high voltage electrical arc ablation resistance switch contacts and the rocket nozzle throat insert, rudder and other high temperature components, is also used as the electrode electrically processing, high temperature molds as well as other requirements of thermal conductivity properties and high-temperature use of the occasion. First tungsten copper selection of fine tungsten, copper powder refined by leading soaked sintering process, can withstand nearly 2,000 high temperature and high stress, has a high melting point, high hardness, resistance to burning and good anti-adhesion, electrical erosion surface of the product finish high, very high precision, low loss. Tungsten and copper is widely used as a high-pressure, super-hydraulic switch and circuit breaker contacts, protection ring for electric upsetting anvil block material conductive Tsui, automatic submerged arc welding, plasma cutting machine nozzle, welding machines, welding machines welding head seam welding wheel the gas sealing Mao electrode and point spark electrodes, spot welding, touch welding materials.

The advantages of tungsten copper alloy combined of copper and tungsten, which include high-strength, high density, high temperature resistance, arc ablation, conductive electric performance, processing performance. High quality tungsten powder and oxygen-free copper powder, application isocratic pressing, to ensure the purity of the product, and accurate ratio, organized crime, performance arc breaking performance, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity thermal expansion. Tungsten copper material is a preferred material to meet the above requirements.

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