Tungsten Copper Bi Metal

Tungsten copper alloy bi metal product is created for EDM electrode and electrical contact rivet. Tungsten copper bi-metal plate is made by diffusing bonding technology. It is very reliable and cost saving solution can be quickly replaced without machine break down. Multiple electrode assembly brings the high efficiency of operation.
EDM tungsten copper bi metal electrode bond the copper tungsten and iron metal, iron side magnetic adsorption on the base working plate, and copper tungsten side maintain the good wearing to machining the precision mould working piece.

Design 1:Tungsten-Copper-bi-metal

Design 2: tungsten-copper-bi-metal


1. Height and width base on the design need be discuss. The Max. Length is 200mm.
2. PCD erosion electrode also available of bi-metal.
Rotary electrode.



       tungsten or copper tungsten

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