Tungsten Copper Components

Chinatungsten manufactures custom copper tungsten (also known as tungsten copper, CuW, WCu) components from a variety of material formulations. The parts are made-to-order, generally the customer supplies drawings and specifications.

Some Common Alloys Include

80W/20Cu 70W/30Cu 60W/40Cu

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( Drawing of one product we offered before)

Tungsten copper alloy components are used for primarily three reasons:
1. Matching coefficient of thermal expansion to a mating material.
2. Thermal conductivity for heat sinks.
3. Density for RF shielding.

There are Two Formulation Processes for CuW

1. Powdered Metal:
A blending of tungsten, copper and various binders are formed under high pressure and then sintered at high temperatures where the material becomes fully dense.
2. Infiltration:
The process of infiltrating copper into a tungsten skeleton. This process is performed under pressure and high temperature.

Each of these processes has its own benefits. Each project is analyzed by our engineering staff to discover the most appropriate & cost effective type of copper tungsten material and forming method to be used. We also provides coating for CuW components. Common coating include nickel and gold. Other available coatings include tin, silver, copper, platinum, rhodium, etc.

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