Tungsten Copper LED

What does LED stand for?

Light emitting diode (LED) is a display or lighting technology used in electrical and electronic products. May also be used in multimode fibers, optical mice and laser class printers.

Tungsten Copper LED Flashlight
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The reduced form factor of the tungsten copper LED is made possible by a revolutionary new light engine. ASP research developed a Patent Pending technology, which produces 70 lumens (Tungsten 1) to 90 lumens (Tungsten 2) of brilliant white, prefocused light. These are conservative measuresA constant current driver is combined with a mathematically precise collimating cone to achieve unparalleled output.

Advanced optics is coupled with precision-machined high strength aerospace aluminum. All surfaces are then anodized with a proprietary satin black hard coat finish. Powered by high density, leak proof CR123A Lithium power cells, the Tungsten provides 1.5 hours (Tungsten 1) to 3 hours (Tungsten 2) of continuous illumination with a ten-year shelf life. The domed lens and tri-mode Switch Assembly are both o-ring sealed.


Length mm




LED Output

Flashlight Output

Run Time

Tungsten 1

3.5" / 88.9

83" / 21.2

2.0oz / 56.7


90 Lumens

70 Lumes

1.5 Hours

Tungsten 2

5.3" / 134.6

83" 21.2

3.2oz / 90.7


120 lumens

90 lumens

3 Hours

The tungsten copper LED is blindingly bright, yet totally secure. A center locking position guards against accidental activation. Turned to the right, the switch provides constant illumination. The tungsten copper LED is with innovative design, unparalleled performance, patent pending optics and Tri-mode switching.

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