Tungsten Copper for EDM

Tungsten Copper for EDM

In the EDM process, the role of the electrode material is conveyed to the machining pulses, and to go to their own minimum loss work piece erosion, it must meet the following conditions:
① High conductivity;
② Effective ablation of metal;
③ The smaller loss;
④ Easy Forming;
⑤ Electrode material should meet the high melting point;
⑥ Low thermal expansion coefficient;
⑦ Mechanical properties;

Tungsten copper electrode material should make the EDM process stability, high productivity, good quality of the work piece surface and the electrode material itself should be a source of abundant and inexpensive. Tungsten copper composite material and tungsten can be formed insoluble skeleton, so that the material has a resistance to electric arc, resistance to wear and high temperature performance, and copper having excellent conductivity. Tungsten copper alloy complex characteristics of tungsten and copper, and it have a good overall performance. EDM operation process, any structure morphology of the electrode material will be like a mirror is reflected to the same work piece surface. Therefore, the production of high-density tungsten copper alloy is the key to high-performance tungsten copper electrode. Tungsten, copper mutually insoluble tungsten-copper alloy powder metallurgy manufacturing process, commonly used methods can only be used ordinary sintering method and the melt infiltration process, but the system is more difficult to take the high relative density of copper tungsten alloy. In order to improve its density and performance usually adding alloying elements in the alloy of nickel, the addition of nickel, however, seriously reduce the conductivity of the material. The purity and oxygen content of the tungsten powder is to ensure good wet ability of the tungsten powder, the premise of good copper infiltration effect, the increase in the oxygen content of the tungsten powder, tungsten powder and copper powder between the liquid phase wetting angle is increased, the wet ability deteriorated, when the oxygen content is greater than 0.5%, the immersion copper samples severe sandwich zone limited to a surface layer of copper leaching. Tungsten copper infiltration direct impact on the class of tungsten copper internal organizational structure, holes, and metal elements segregation imagination appear. The above situation in the tungsten-copper material in the presence of the electrode material in the electric discharge machining is fatal. A selection of raw materials: the choice of the tungsten powder must consider electrode electrical resistance requirements of corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, and relatively fine particles of tungsten powder to form a relatively strong capillary action, anti-arc erosion resistance is good, but its thermal shock resistance is poor, and the arc temperature of the re-sintering serious, cracks easily. The coarse particles of tungsten powder is exactly the opposite, while the coarse particles of the tungsten powder having a good mold ability, and sintering shrinkage is small, size, easy to control, and the sintered density of the sintered temperature sensitivity is small, sintered tungsten embryo porosity of the advantages of easily controlled.

2 Density: Density is the primary indicator of powder metallurgy materials. Particularly high density is the relative density of the high and low marks material, degree of compaction, the amount of porosity. The relative density is higher, lower porosity, pore smaller. Engage ablative and processing stability as the electrode material, the better.

Conductivity good conductive properties are to ensure the protection of the good thermal conductivity of the electrode material to improve the accuracy of the electrical erosion rate and galvanic corrosion.

4 the improvement of the hardness and strength of the electrode material hardness and strength of the electrode wear rate decreased, stability is improved. As the wrought copper electrode performance is better than ordinary copper.

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